C++ I/O library (experimental)

This is an experimental snapshot of SGI's standard C++ library. You should download it if you are interested in contributing to an ongoing development effort, but not (yet) if you are looking for a library implementation that is guaranteed to work "out of the box".

This snapshot includes the entire standard C++ library: STL, iostream/locale, and numerics (valarray and complex). It does not include a standard C library implementation; it is intended to interoperate with an existing C library.

Please note that some aspects of an I/O library are inherently platform-specific. (See below for more details.) This library has been tested on IRIX 6.x using the SGI MIPSpro 7.3 compiler, and on Linux, using glibc 2.0 and the egcs 1.1.2 compilers. It passes simple tests on Microsoft Windows NT using the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compiler (with Service Pack 3). Compiling it on other platforms will almost certainly require at least some work. Porting to another version of Unix, using a relatively recent C++ compiler, should not be difficult.

We welcome suggestions, patches, and bug fixes. Please send comments to

Some notes on the structure of the I/O library

Areas that need more work


June 8, 2000 stdlib_20000608.tar.gz
Many small bug fixes and compatibility patches. Change to the low-level locale API to improve handling of locale "", which indicates that we are to use a locale that corresponds to the user's preference. (The major changes are in c_locale.h and locale.cxx.) This change is probably a performance improvement in the common case.
May 5, 2000 stdlib_20000505.tar.gz
Changed deque to remove the extension of a third, default template parameter by which the user can control the node size. The extension does not appear to be standard-conforming.
April 18, 2000 stdlib_20000418.tar.gz
Changed basic_istream::seekg and basic_ostream::seekp so that they conform to the resolution to library issue 136 adopted in Tokyo. (seekg should set only the get pointer, and seekp should set only get put pointer.) Fixed a bug that affects string output when the width is nonzero; thanks to Volker H. Simonis for a bug report and patch. Changed bitset to remove the extension of a second template parameter. The extension does not appear to be standard-conforming (see library issue 94), and it isn't very useful anyway.
April 14, 2000 stdlib_20000414.tar.gz
Small bug fixes. Thanks to Alain Miniussi for patches to satisfy compiler that perform certain strict error checks, and to Boris Fomitchev for a Sun compatibility patch.
April 3, 2000 stdlib_20000403.tar.gz
Numeric I/O bug fixes. Thanks to Dave Abrahams for a hex input patch.
March 28, 2000 stdlib_20000328.tar.gz
Various bug fixes. Thanks to Kevin Shepherd for Sun and Win32 patches, and Dan Tsafrir for a g++ 2.91 patch.
March 21, 2000 stdlib_20000321.tar.gz
Various bug fixes, including workarounds for Microsoft C++ 5.0 limitations. Thanks to Jan Mikkelsen for changes for Intel C++ compatibility patches, and Jochen Schlick for UnixWare 7 compatibility patches.
February 18, 2000 stdlib_20000218.tar.gz
Fixed another native Win32 API problem; thanks again to Kevin Shepherd. Algorithmic improvement to make list<>::reverse() smaller and faster; thanks to John D. Valois.
January 28, 2000 stdlib_20000128.tar.gz
Fixed a memory leak in basic_filebuf. Fixed another native Win32 API problem; thanks again to Kevin Shepherd and Boris Fomitchev.
January 25, 2000 stdlib_20000125.tar.gz
Bug fixes. Thanks to Kevin Shepherd and Boris Fomitchev for patches that fix a Win32 initialization problem.
January 10, 2000 stdlib_20000110.tar.gz
The Win32 version of this library now uses the native Win32 API, rather than Unix emulation. Thanks to Kevin Shepherd for the patch to support native Win32 calls.
January 7, 2000 stdlib_20000107.tar.gz
More bug fixes and compatibility improvements. Thanks to Jan Mikkelsen for an Intel C++ compatibility patch.
December 28, 1999 stdlib_19991228.tar.gz
Minor bug fixes. Thanks to Vadim Egorov for a time facets patch.
December 15, 1999 stdlib_19991215.tar.gz
Changes for Microsoft compatibility. Library now passes more complete test suite using Visual C++ 6.0 SP3.
December 10, 1999 stdlib_19991210.tar.gz
More small bug fixes.
November 23, 1999 stdlib_19991123.tar.gz
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Makefile is now provided for Microsoft C++ and for IRIX.
October 14, 1999 stdlib_19991014.tar.gz
Library now compiles and passes simple tests using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (with Service Pack 3).
September 5, 1999 stdlib_19990905.tar.gz
Library now includes support for class complex.
August 30, 1999 stdlib_19990830.tar.gz

The C++ I/O library is released under the same terms as the SGI STL.

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