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2012 ACM ICPC South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

1 - NASCAR Drivers


In NASCAR drivers are often known by the number of the car they drive. Each car number is made up of 1 or 2 digits. No letters are allowed in a car number. These numbers are used to identify the car (no two cars may have the exact same combination of digits). These numbers are never used for math!


Input to this problem will begin with a line containing a single integer n indicating the number of lines to process (after this count). The next n lines each contain two fields. The first field is a 1 or 2 digit number followed by exactly one space. The second field will be the driver's name (may include white space).


For each input line, you should output a line that says "name drives car number #".

Sample Input:

3 Dale Earnhardt
55 Michael Waltrip
29 Kevin Harvick

Sample Output:

Dale Earnhardt drives car number 3
Michael Waltrip drives car number 55
Kevin Harvick drives car number 29