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The 2012 South Central USA Regional Scripting Contest


First Solved

Problem First First Semi-Unique
ID Name Time Team Time Team
A 1 - Quick Change 9 Gold Coders (CU) 10 Rice Blue (Rice)
B 2 - Grey Area 41 Aleph One (Tulsa) 41 Aleph One (Tulsa)
C 3 - Alaska 27 VC-22 (LeTourneau) 27 VC-22 (LeTourneau)
D 4 - Egypt 15 Aleph One (Tulsa) 15 Hard NOP Life (LSU)
E 5 - Triangular Sums 11 Aleph One (Tulsa) 23 Rice Owls (Rice)
F 6 - User Names 66 Aleph One (Tulsa) 68 Gold Coders (CU)
Updated Fri Oct 19 21:16:03 2012 Description of the "First Solved" report: A table of the first good solution to each problem. The semi-unique column is similar to the "first" column, but avoids having a team listed multiple times.